Hiroshi Yuki

Every child is a good companion of fairies.   All children in the world can come to know them not only in books but also in everyday life.   Children and fairies are such good friends that they play together, talk with each other, and sometimes even weep for each other.  

On the other hand, most adults do not believe in fairies at all: "A fay?   HA, it's merely an imaginary creature, isn't it?" or at best, "Oh, yes.   I enjoyed fairy tales when I was a kid," ordinary adults say with smiling.   Even in the latter case, if I continue talking about such creatures, listeners began to stop smiling and sometimes ask if I am serious.  

But remember that all adults used to be children.   There are no exceptions.   Then what is the reason they have said good-bye to fairies?   I think it important to think about the reason in order to know fairies.  

Most adults may think that such creatures as fairies do not exist and that such an idea is not scientific.   Flowers are beautiful not because fairies are dancing around but because so-and-so chemical substances are made in them.   And so on.  

But are there such big differences between explaining the "electroaffinity" causes this phenominon and explaining the "nixes" causes it?   Of course I do not want to say that all science are wrong.   I want to say that even if the scientific way of thinking is true, other points of view are not always wrong.   Yes, here is the most important key.  

Haven't you ever noticed the fresh feeling when you find a beautiful rainbow after a shower?   This is caused by certain kinds of fairies.   But it is a rather special case.   The acts of fairies are often found in our daily life only if we are looking around carefully.   For example, in the whisper of the wind, in the murmur of the stream, in the beauty of the sunset glow and in twinkling little stars.  

What did I dream?  I do not know:
    The fragments fly like chaff.  
Yet, strange, my mind was tickled so
    I cannot help but laugh.  

You must have had such an experience more than once.   This is also a typical act of so-called imaginary creatures.  

Fairies are ready to know whether a man believes in them or not.   If not, they never appear before him.   Even if he is a believer and lover of them, they scarcely come in sight.   If you can take light of the sun only for electromagnetic waves, the fairies of light are gone right away.   Fairies are afraid of those who believe science blindly and exclusively.  

Now you understand that such creatures as fairies, nixes, spirits, and so on are everywhere around us.   And only if we look around us carefully, we can recognize them not by their appearance but by their fragrance, their acts, and especially by undescribable good feeling caused by them.  

Getting to know fairies means to give up your exclusive and blind reliance on science.   It also means to recover the pure heart that you had in younger days.   I believe that fairies must make your life richer and happier.  

The quoted verse is from nursery rhymes.