Math Girls

Hiroshi Yuki

Math isn't hard. Love is.


I (the narrator) am a high school student who loves mathematics. I meet girls in high school. I and the girls enjoy solving math problems, as well as high school.

"Math Girls" books depict the beauty of math, the excitement of tackling difficult problems, and the fun of discussing them with friends. Beautifully typeset with LaTeX and the Euler Font. Suitable for middle school students to mathematicians.

Math Girls

Math Girls (Volume 1)

Math Girls 2: Fermat's Last Theorem (Volume 2)

Math Girls 3: Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems

Math Girls 4: Randomized Algorithms

Math Girls Talk About...

Math Girls Talk about Equations and Graphs

Math Girls Talk about Integers

Math Girls Talk about Trigonometry

Math Girls Manga

Japanese Book Information

Volume 1

Volume 2 (Fermat's Last Theorem)

Volume 3 (Gödel's Incomplete Theorems)

Volume 4 (Randomized Algorithms)

Volume 5 (Galois Theory)

Volume 6 (Poincaré Conjecture)


Hiroshi Yuki is born in 1963. He is the author of many Japanese books about Java, Perl and mathematics. He is also known as the author of yet another Wiki clone (YukiWiki).



Reviews (for English Versions)

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"Developing Mathematical Literacy through Adolescent Literature", Chapter 8 Exploring Math, Culture and Stories through Math Girls


Q. Is it possible to buy the pdf version of the books online ?

A. No. Sorry. Just one book is available, but it is Japanese language version.

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